Our mission is a simple one, hockey people helping hockey families in need.

Did you know that the State of Michigan has more amateur hockey players than any other in our union? Most everyone involved in our sport knows that hockey is a small, tight knit community. We and our children meet and make friends through hockey. We spend so much time together at the rinks that a special bond forms that can last a lifetime.

Hockey has Heart was formed as a way to help others in the hockey community at large at any level of the sport; house, travel, high school, adult, college and professional. It is a way for all of us associated with the sport to give back to the hockey community in time of need. 

With a strong volunteer base, we can continue to expand the services Hockey has Heart can offer but we do need your help. Please consider Hockey has Heart when you plan your charitable gifts this year. Most charities have high overhead, not Hockey has Heart. Over 90% of the funds we raise is directed back to the hockey community. All work is done by volunteers and very few expenses are paid by the general fund.