Hockey has Heart (HHH) was founded and received 501(c)(3) status in 2003.

All fundraising and events are managed by volunteers.  HHH does not pay for fundraising, advertising and other services.  Legal, tax and other services are provided to the foundation by hockey volunteers.

Since 2003, HHH has raised and distributed over $2 million to Michigan hockey families facing life altering challenges.

Most distributions are $10,000 or less and have usually covered non-reimbursable medical expenses or lost wages where primary wage earners have lost income due to illness or accident.  

We also hold special benefits for families needing greater assistance.  In these cases, our general fund helps defray expenses by covering credit card processing fees, postage and other event charges so that money earmarked for them is passed through at 100%.  

We do not pay for hockey equipment or ice time.

Majority of funds raised come from donations.  We are an approved United Way charity and receive a small portion of funding from individuals who have selected HHH as their target charity.